A Little Liveliness and A Cat Nap

Every once in a while we need a little change. We need something new and different to keep our lives interesting and inspiring.  Something as simple as a colorful, crocheted pincushion can bring a little liveliness and happiness to my life.

With some cotton, #3 thread, I crocheted a new home for my yarn and common needles.


It looks like a pretty, little hat.  It makes me happy to see the vibrant colors.  It inspires me to create and surround myself with more brilliant hues in an otherwise drab life.

loose fear

I took a couple of pictures of my little buddies, Frankie (the little one) and Luna.

Luna & Frankie

I have never experienced two cats that get along so well.

Luna & Frankie

Not once, have I seen or heard any aggression from either one of them. They aren’t always this calm. When they play chase and tag, they can rock the house.


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Hanging Crochet Owls

I have a fondness for whimsical owls.  I have seem some really cute, decorative owls around the web and I wanted to crochet one to hang in the kitchen.

Having many beads, buttons, and sparkly notions, I crocheted the one below.


The owl is a combination of patterns I have seen around the web and one I crocheted two years ago (Sunflower Owl).

For this hanging owl, I used Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream Cotton.  I attached a hanger using seed beads, jewelry wire and jump rings.  On the back, I sewed a piece of felt in the shape of the owl to give it a clean finish.

Then from “Bunny Mummy“, I crocheted this little guy using Aunt Lydia’s #3 crochet thread.

Small Owl

Using thread rather than worsted weight yarn, the little owl is smaller than a steel crochet hook.

Small crochet Owl

I promised that I would bake cookies today. Therefore, I better get away from this page and get busy in the kitchen.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

sig summer

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Teassert and Crochet

On most day, late in the afternoon, I make a small pot or a cup of tea. One of my go-to-teas is Earl Grey. It’s one of the perfect afternoon teas.

“The aromatic bergamot adds a refined, tart citrus, taste.”

It awaken my senses and soothes my soul.

I saw a recipe, online, for Earl Grey cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream frosting and got busy baking.

Earl Grey cupcakes


The lemon buttercream is the perfect accompaniment to the fragrant, citrus bergamot flavor.

Earl Grey cupcakes

You can find the recipe at “Foodie With Family“.

I crocheted another vintage-type pot holder using Aunt Lydia’s #3 crochet thread.


I enjoy crocheting vintage-type pot holders. Although, I don’t use them as “pot holders”,  I think they would look pretty displayed on a kitchen wall.

Maybe, someday, I will do just that.


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She’s Back!

After two years of hosting my own site, I have decided to come back, here, to wordpress.com.  Although I loved having the freedom of using plugins and making my site my own, it was tiring keeping up with all the updates, maintenance and backups I had to do to keep it secure and running.  I have kept my domain-sayverysweetthings.com.  So, if you click on sayverysweetthings.com, you will be re-directed here to Say-very Sweet Things at nonnaluna.wordpress.com.

I did buy the WordPress.com Premium that is offered here, but I still have to decide if I want to add a registered domain name for here.  I am not sure if one site can have two different redirects. It is frustrating when you can’t talk to anyone to ask.

All of my logos will still display “sayverysweetthings.com”/”Say-very Sweet Things“.

In the meantime…

I saw this pattern for a tartan dishcloth over at “Happy Berry’s” and had to crochet one to add to my collection of crocheted dishcloths.

tartan dishcloth

Before I made the dishcloth, I crocheted one big and one small medallion/mandela. The small medallion I used #3 crochet thread and add small bead to the edge.

dishcloth and mandelas

For the larger medallion and the dishcloth, I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton.

Click Crochet Tartan Plaid Wash Cloths to find the pattern for the dishcloth.


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Crochet Vintage Pot Holders

I love to crocheting vintage-style pot holders .

Although, I have been feeling down-in-the-dumps as of late.  However, these are three of my recent creations to show.

vintage potholders

vintage potholder

Summer vacation is over!  School starts back this Tuesday.  I will never get used to school starting in August.

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Wistful Thinking

I couldn’t help myself.

I saw some crochet thread stored away and something inside of me was nostalgically compelled to crochet. I guess it is just in me to crochet. I have been doing it all of my life.  It is a part of me.

To satisfy my need for hooking, I crocheted these two baskets-

bejeweled baskets

I added a decorative design and beads to the top of the cover.

It’s not like I don’t have enough of these baskets already.

My passion for crafting and crocheting is gnawing at me.


Having so many ideas I have become manic. wink

Since yarn and other crafting supplies are so expensive, I need to sell some product in order to purchase yarn and supplies in order to satisfy my mania.


It is all about confidence (which I sorely lack). Having confidence in oneself helps one to succeed.


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Today’s Specials-UGH!

Why dedicate almost a full post to food and cooking? Because that is all I seem to be doing.  At times, I feel like I am running a small restaurant.

Seeing that I pay for this domain and the name, I should be justifying the expense by posting something.  ANYTHING!

Lately, I have been craving fresh raspberries to put on a green salad with grilled citrus chicken drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette then sprinkled with semi-toasted almond slices. This evening, for supper, I satisfied that craving-

raspberry vinaigrette salad chicken

With vanilla ice cream and the leftover raspberries, I topped slices of the Torta di Arancia/Orange Cake I made the day before-

Torta di Arancia/Orange Cake

I had more raspberries in the bowl, but Brian ate most of them before I could snap a picture.

The Torta is a sponge-like cake. The recipe calls for all-purpose flour, but I omitted ¼ cup of the all-purpose and used ¼ almond flour instead. It came out delicious and so moist. I use the recipe from this book-

la dolce vita

Because eating out isn’t in the budget, I do all cooking and baking here. Most days, it’s a lot of heavy cooking.  Beside, around here, the only restaurants and bakeries to speak of are McDonald’s, Burger Kings, Pizza Hut and many BBQ joints and supermarket bakeries…Well, you get the idea.

My daughter, who moved back to New England a few years ago, shipped down to us a quart of shucked clams and fresh haddock from Ipswich Fish Market in Massachusetts for Father’s Day.

The Friday before Father’s Day, we fried clams and haddock along with french fries and a side of coleslaw. Sometime we crave the tastes of back home. I froze the rest of the haddock and for Father’s Day, I made baked stuffed haddock. That’s the day I made fresh cinnamon rolls.

Last week I wanted a gyro. Knowing that I wouldn’t get one around this area unless I made one, I did just that-


Unable to get ground lamb (or any lamb) around here, I substituted the lamb with hamburger and ground pork for the meat. I made tzatziki and the pita bread.

A couple of days later, so as not to waste the leftover yogurt used to make the tzatziki, I made a Greek-type blueberry yogurt.  Into a coffee filter, I strained the plain yogurt into a strainer for a little over an hour until it was thick and creamy, added a little sugar and vanilla and added blueberries (thawed) that I had in the freezer.

Waste not, want not!

Also with the  frozen blueberries, I made a blueberry buckle-

blueberry buckle

I am tired I tell yah! Tired of cooking and tired of meal planning.  But, If I want something other than frozen or prepared foods, I have to cook and or bake. Like today, we are making homemade pizza. We have the pizza sauce all made. All we have to do is make the dough.

I am tired I tell yah!


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Simply Irresistible

Twelve days ago (on a Sunday night) while I was sitting on my front stoop, a guy holding a kitten asked me if this was my cat.  He said that it was crawling in and out of our fence.  It looked about 2 months old.  I said no and noted that the little thing had a cut on the side of his eye and looked to be infested with fleas and ear mites.  The fur on his back and his head was covered with a maroon-ish stain. The little kitten wiggled out from his arms and ran up to my front door.  I quickly picked it up for fear that it would run into the road.  While I was holding the kitten, I asked him what he was going to do about it and he said that he couldn’t have any animals and that he was going to let it go. I just could let that happen!  The poor little thing looked so helpless.


Sooooooooooooooooooo, now we have a kitten.  We already have a cat and I was afraid that she would become infested with the fleas and mites plaguing the kitten. However, we took it in, fed and watered him and made a little box for his bed where he stayed all night away from my other cat.

The next day we took him to the vets where they gave him a pill for the fleas and medicine for the mites.  I was astonished, that within 30 minutes the fleas were falling dead from the kitten.  It took 4 hours for the kitten to be flea free.  After that, the little guy came to life and was doing everything a kitten would do.  Before that, he was somewhat listless. I had never heard of a flea pill before. The vet did confirm that it was about 2 months old.

After all the fleas died, I washed and rinsed his back and head with a little baby wash, and it appeared to be blood from another animal. I can just imagine how he got that blood on him.

Luckily, my other cat didn’t get any fleas on her or mites and took to the kitten without a problem.

Brian named him Frankie, but I wanted to name him Mr. Clawsby.  So, his full name is Mr. Frankie Clawsby.

Taken a couple of days after his arrival. This picture shows his little cut on the side of his eye. He likes his little blanket I crocheted for him.


This one was taken a few days after the previous one. He is looking much better and the sore on his eye has healed.


An added expense that we really can’t afford, but I couldn’t let the little thing suffer.

For father’s day, I made homemade cinnamon rolls
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