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Folk Girl and Crackers

April 18, 2014

Since I am not crocheting or doing other crafts, to keep busy I have been sketching/drawing.

Well…I have been trying anyhow.

I found my drawing pencils the other day while cleaning out the craft room.

This is my sketch of a folk art girl.

folk girl

After I drew the sketch, I used it as a guide to draw the ‘folk girl’ on my computer using my paint shop program.

She looks like a space alien with those big eyes.

Folk Girl

It has been rainy and cold here.  I didn’t do much today save sketch while hubby cleaned out one of the kitchen closets. He called me out to look at the progress he made and the jars and other useless junk that he was going to throw out. I had no qualms about throwing out all those jars that I had saved. Why on earth do I save jars! I never have use for them. Needless to say, I was happy with his results.

The other day I made some homemade Wheat Thins. Yes, it is much easier and convenient to buy a box of them, but I had all the ingredients on hand. I wanted to prove to myself that I could make crackers that looked and tasted like the store-bought box of Wheat Thins.

homemade wheat thins

They were really good.  However, next time I make them, I am going to add a touch more vanilla. I found the recipe at here.

homemade wheat thins

Since I am straining to find the words to write an interesting post-and failing miserably, I will stop tormenting myself (and anyone who actually visits and reads my postings) and make myself a small pot of tea and watch the rain.

Less Confusion Equals Less Stress

April 12, 2014

Continuing with my quest for simplicity and harmony-

The other day I got my kitchen drawers cleaned out and organized along with a couple of cabinets.

Today, some computer files, bookmarks, and flash drives, pertaining to all things crochet and crafting,  were deleted.

Poof!  Gone!  

Less confusion=less stress.

luna basket

Our cat Luna

The other day while cleaning out the closet in my computer room, I found a book tucked way back on a shelf. I had forgotten that I even had it.

bronte 5

It contains five complete novels by Charlotte and Emily Bronte:

  • Jane Eyre
  • Shirley
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Villette
  • The Professors

It looks like I found my summer reading.  Although I have already read Wuthering Heights, I am looking forward to the other four novels.

While I still have more to do with “simplifying”,  today was a pretty relaxing day.  I made a large pot of chili con carne and hubby put together a huge tossed salad.  While the chili was simmering, I sat on the front stoop, in my rocker, and read for a while.

Right now I am reading , Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham. I started reading it a while ago, but put it down as I had too much on my mind and couldn’t concentrate on the words.  I saw the movie when I was a child and forget most of it and I know that a movie will never do the book justice.

of human bondage

my read shelf:
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In spite of the fact that I am still feeling pensive, I am off to make a cup of tea and happily ponder about the coming days ahead.  Hanging on to a little hope is what keeps me wanting to go forward.

robert tew quote

Quote by Robert Tew

To Simplify Feels So Good

April 9, 2014


I dug my heals-in today and uncluttered my computer/craft room.  I couldn’t believe that I had let my crafts get that overwhelming.



clutter free


It took me six hours to toss a stockpile of useless things and fill two bins with crafting supplies/materials that I had amassed over the years.  At a later time, when we finish with the rest of the house, most of the things in bins will be sold.  We talked about one, big yard sale.

dresser top


clutter free2


I have many empty drawers and the closet is sparse and organized.



clutter free desk


Mmm!  The desk still looks cluttered to me.  I think the mural makes it seem cluttered in the photo.

Nonetheless, I am starting to feel a sense of peace.  

Being overwhelmed with useless things made it so hard to clean.

Being overwhelmed with useless things made my mind spin to the point of wanting to shut down.

I can’t wait to get started in the other rooms.  We can free ourselves from the burden of material possessions and focus on living without worrying about so many needless, useless things.

To simplify, simplify, simplify feels so good!

Striving For Simplicity

April 8, 2014

Taking my time, I have been ridding myself of things and stuff that have accumulated in my home. I envision a life of simplicity. I want to walk into a room and not be overwhelmed with needless stuff. When my surroundings are full of needless things, my mind becomes cluttered. When my mind is cluttered, I shut down.



As close as two months ago, I was an avid crocheter-crocheting things that served absolutely no useful purpose for me or others. I was crocheting so that I would have something to post and hoping at the same time that others, who also crocheted, would notice.

Alas and alack!  It was just never meant to be.

dresser top

Some crochet and other clutter.
Drawers are also filled with crocheted items and crafts. UGH!

I shamefully slobbered over other crocheter’s blogs.  I left little comments telling them how wonderfully talented they were and how much I appreciated all the time and work it takes to create an item. I answered all email inquiries about a pattern that I had posted or one that I wasn’t sharing with the public.  I finally decided to lay all that aside and relax. I was crocheting for all for the wrong reasons and was finding it very tiring and time-consuming. Crocheting was quickly becoming a chore and an unaffordable expense. My home became cluttered with “all things crochet”. All the while, neglecting other things that I enjoy doing.



Therefore, taking my time, I am packing-up and tossing-out all things relating to crafting.  At this time, I have no interest in perusing anything to do with designing or fiber art.

my selfworth

Onward to the next phase of my life!

When Passion Wanes

April 5, 2014

passions burning

A little kindness and recognition goes a long way.

It Just Makes Me Happy

My Mind’s Journey

April 4, 2014

Painting by me-1992. Longingly gazing out a window at Portsmouth, NH. The tumultuous water of the Piscataqua River, is a reflection on how I feel about leaving my hometown. The sparse surrounding reflects the emptiness I feel in my new surroundings. My cat and my books comfort me in times of loneliness and despair-the red flower brings color to my drab life.


I will always have this sense of home in my heart-

Of emptiness and melancholy when we’re apart.

In thought, I journey home everyday,

Now I live hundreds of miles away,

As a child I never thought I would-

Be homesick for my old neighborhood.

The town druggist was very well know-

For his jimmy-topped ice cream cone,

Pennies could buy you a bag of sweets,

Tasty confections this sack of treats.

The hot dog cart was fined everyday-

For parking in a restricted zone (this hot dog café)!

A well-known person biked through the town-

With a folksy wave for all around.

(Off) in the distance, I heard a tugboat,

Near the port, I could see it afloat,

Tugs escorted big ships through the tideway (away from the shore),

On the great Piscataqua River, (that holds tales of folklore).

The redolence from the salty breeze,

Blew so gently, it was sure to please,

Past sandbars fishing boats made headway,

A rousing sight this did portray.

At the South Playground, I’d swing as high as a jet-

I played so hard; I worked up a sweat,

Heading to Pierre Island to swim in the pool,

With bathing capped head, I strived to get cool.

Snow veiled the earth; it glittered and glistened,

Lulled by the crystal sights calmly I listened,

The silence was deafening, but I could only hear-

The sound of my heartbeat pit-a-patting in my ear.

Winters were harsh with plenty to do,

Skating on (frozen) puddles till the early curfew,

Cold were the nights the days just the same,

A picture in mind, a picture I’d frame.

Thoughts of this town leaves me void and sad,

(Envious) of others sharing what I once had,

(In thought) I journey to Portsmouth everyday,

Now I live hundreds of miles away.

–Elizabeth Fecteau-Woodward (1991)

liz siggy

My Mind’s Journey-Missing my Hometown. I painted this picture around 1992. The poem, written by me in 1991.

I never said I was an artist or a poet, just something I enjoyed doing.