Crochet Shawlette or Scarf?

When I buy yarn, that I am not familiar with, I like to touch it and see how it looks. I have never purchased yarn online that wasn’t familiar to me. However, for the longest time, I have been wanting to crochet with a cotton/acrylic blend. I found some (online) that wasn’t too expensive and had a good amount of yardage and purchase a few skeins. It wasn’t what I expected, but I did like the feel of it and knew that it would drap beautifully. The brand was ‘Premier® Cotton Fair® Solids and Multis Yarn

I envisioned a scarf of shawl. I found a cute pattern for a shawlette/scarf online and decide to crochet one.

I didn’t use the border that was suggested in the pattern, I wanted to make mine a little different.

The two photos below are before I added the floral embellishments.

Crochet shawlette


I do like this pattern. It was a simply easy pattern, which turned out beautifully.

Shawlette Crochet

You can find the pattern over at Zooty Owl’s Crafty Blog-Road Trip Scarves. Thank you Zooty Owl, for a wonderful pattern.

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Crocheted Brooches and Autumn Banner

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to crochet a couple of brooches.


I used #10 crochet thread, an old button that I had, some ribbon and some bobbles and beads.

As you can see, I was trying out ‘color schemes’.  I think the five colors go together quite well.

rose brooch

For the rose brooch, I used #3 crochet thread and some pearl beads.

I sewed felt and a hinged pin to the back of each brooch.

I think brooches look so pretty and feminine.

I have a few more designs swirling around in my head.  I am just too lazy to make these ideas a reality.

Autumn is nearly upon us, and I am looking forward to the cooler weather. Here, where I live, we won’t be feeling any cool, crisp air for a couple of months or more.  However, I still like to put little things around the house in celebration of autumn.

Last year I made a little “Happy Autumn” banner/streamer and posted the template.

autumn bannerIf you would like to make one or just to see the post click here or click on the photo.  The banner/streamer is made with light-weight card stock, ribbon and laminate.

Thank you for visiting!

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A Mélange of Frivolity

Because I haven’t felt well for the past few days, I haven’t been doing any crocheting. I am experiencing fatigue. My body and brain is so drained. I have been laying about and sleeping without feeling refreshed.

I did manage to make some homemade croutons for the tossed salad we had for dinner. I made a half recipe today with some leftover Italian bread that I had frozen. I only had a little extra virgin olive oil on hand.  You certainly can use regular olive oil, but extra virgin is sooooooooooooo good. But, it is very expensive and I don’t buy it often. It has become a luxury around here.


Cheesy Garlic Croutons

  • 2 cups of day old bread cut into 1-inch cubes (use a hearty bread such as an Italian bread, french Bread, European Peasant Bread, etc).
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (more or less according to how much garlic flavor you want)
  • Good grinding of black pepper
  • 1/4 cup grated parmesano-reggiano cheese.

Place bread cubes into a large food type plastic bag or bowl. Drizzle olive oil all over cubes, toss the cubes and the oil, sprinkle garlic powder, pepper and cheese on top of mixture and toss/mix well. Place mixture onto a cookie sheet and toast in a 175°F oven until lightly toasted on all side for about 15-20 minutes.

I kept the oven temperature low so that the cubes would slowly toast.

And this morning, I made a batch of-what I call-tropical bran muffins. I add cubed dried mango, papaya, pineapple, dates, coconut, etc. to the bran muffins. I like cold, bran muffins right out of the refrigerator. I don’t like them warm.

Weird? I know!  

It’s only bran muffins that I like cold.  All other muffins I like warm and buttery.

In the mornings when I don’t feel like eating, but my stomach won’t stop growling, these muffins are just the thing to stop the gnawing.

Last week I bought a couple of books.  In between my sleep-fest, I have been reading. These books weren’t too expensive, and I know that times are tough and when the books came, I felt so guilty for spending the money.

enchanted april

A while back, I read, “Elizabeth and Her German Garden” by the same author as “The Enchanted April“.  On the one hand, I associated with Elizabeth’s need for solitude.  So far, on the other hand, I can associate with these women’s needs and wants in “The Enchanted April“.   

The author of those two books also wrote “Mr. Skeffington“.  Warner Brothers made it into a movie in 1944 starring Bette Davis and Claude Reins. I just watched it recently on my Amazon Fire TV.

“A woman is beautiful when she’s loved, and only then.   –Mr. Skeffington

Bette Davis was one of my favorite actresses when I was a kid.

The other book, I remorsefully purchased,  and wanted to read for the longest time is-

tabacco road


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A Little Liveliness and A Cat Nap

Every once in a while we need a little change. We need something new and different to keep our lives interesting and inspiring.  Something as simple as a colorful, crocheted pincushion can bring a little liveliness and happiness to my life.

With some cotton, #3 thread, I crocheted a new home for my yarn and common needles.


It looks like a pretty, little hat.  It makes me happy to see the vibrant colors.  It inspires me to create and surround myself with more brilliant hues in an otherwise drab life.

loose fear

I took a couple of pictures of my little buddies, Frankie (the little one) and Luna.

Luna & Frankie

I have never experienced two cats that get along so well.

Luna & Frankie

Not once, have I seen or heard any aggression from either one of them. They aren’t always this calm. When they play chase and tag, they can rock the house.


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Hanging Crochet Owls

I have a fondness for whimsical owls.  I have seem some really cute, decorative owls around the web and I wanted to crochet one to hang in the kitchen.

Having many beads, buttons, and sparkly notions, I crocheted the one below.


The owl is a combination of patterns I have seen around the web and one I crocheted two years ago (Sunflower Owl).

For this hanging owl, I used Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream Cotton.  I attached a hanger using seed beads, jewelry wire and jump rings.  On the back, I sewed a piece of felt in the shape of the owl to give it a clean finish.

Then from “Bunny Mummy“, I crocheted this little guy using Aunt Lydia’s #3 crochet thread.

Small Owl

Using thread rather than worsted weight yarn, the little owl is smaller than a steel crochet hook.

Small crochet Owl

I promised that I would bake cookies today. Therefore, I better get away from this page and get busy in the kitchen.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

sig summer

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Teassert and Crochet

On most day, late in the afternoon, I make a small pot or a cup of tea. One of my go-to-teas is Earl Grey. It’s one of the perfect afternoon teas.

“The aromatic bergamot adds a refined, tart citrus, taste.”

It awaken my senses and soothes my soul.

I saw a recipe, online, for Earl Grey cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream frosting and got busy baking.

Earl Grey cupcakes


The lemon buttercream is the perfect accompaniment to the fragrant, citrus bergamot flavor.

Earl Grey cupcakes

You can find the recipe at “Foodie With Family“.

I crocheted another vintage-type pot holder using Aunt Lydia’s #3 crochet thread.


I enjoy crocheting vintage-type pot holders. Although, I don’t use them as “pot holders”,  I think they would look pretty displayed on a kitchen wall.

Maybe, someday, I will do just that.


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She’s Back!

After two years of hosting my own site, I have decided to come back, here, to  Although I loved having the freedom of using plugins and making my site my own, it was tiring keeping up with all the updates, maintenance and backups I had to do to keep it secure and running.  I have kept my  So, if you click on, you will be re-directed here to Say-very Sweet Things at

I did buy the Premium that is offered here, but I still have to decide if I want to add a registered domain name for here.  I am not sure if one site can have two different redirects. It is frustrating when you can’t talk to anyone to ask.

All of my logos will still display “”/”Say-very Sweet Things“.

In the meantime…

I saw this pattern for a tartan dishcloth over at “Happy Berry’s” and had to crochet one to add to my collection of crocheted dishcloths.

tartan dishcloth

Before I made the dishcloth, I crocheted one big and one small medallion/mandela. The small medallion I used #3 crochet thread and add small bead to the edge.

dishcloth and mandelas

For the larger medallion and the dishcloth, I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton.

Click Crochet Tartan Plaid Wash Cloths to find the pattern for the dishcloth.


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Crochet Vintage Pot Holders

I love to crocheting vintage-style pot holders .

Although, I have been feeling down-in-the-dumps as of late.  However, these are three of my recent creations to show.

vintage potholders

vintage potholder

Summer vacation is over!  School starts back this Tuesday.  I will never get used to school starting in August.

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