Crocheted Trinket Basket

I got an idea to crochet a little trinket basket, with a cover, using crochet thread.

As I was crocheting, I added tiny, glass beads.

Trinket Crocheted Basket & Cover

I stiffened basket and cover with fabric stiffener than formed them until stiffened and dried.

Trinket Covered Crochet Basket

I wasn’t doing well taking pictures of this basket.  I was getting frustrated and gave up trying to adjust the setting on my camera.

Think natural light!  No!  not the beer…but, umm, them again… *smile*

Frames provided by: Icey Tina Deviant Art.

About Liz

Avoids insanity by crocheting and doing arts and crafts!
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4 Responses to Crocheted Trinket Basket

  1. Do you list a pattern for this? So pretty!


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  3. Debbie W says:

    Your skills just blow me away sometimes!! That is beautiful. :)


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