Crocheted & Felted Small Pouches Or Change Purse

The day before, with some wool that I had on hand, I made three different sized felted, crocheted pouches/change purses.

felted pouches

Felted Crochet Pouches

Blanket stitched around-

Felted Pouch Crocheted

 using buttons for closures.

Felted Crocheted Pouch

This gray one is a little bigger than the other two.

Felted Pouch-Change Purse

 On the back of this one, I made a floral embellishment using felt.

Felted Pouch-Change Purse (back)

A few months ago I designed and crocheted pouches and had forgotten all about them until I saw some wool that I had on hand.

Two of the pouches/change purses were crocheted with Loops & Threads™ Impeccable™ acrylic yarn, and one pouch/change purse I made with  Patons  Classic Wool which I also felted.

I have more pouches/change purses than money.  I am thinking-or rather dreaming-that I could sell these then I would have some money to put into one of these. LOL

I so lack confidence.



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