Covering Your Can

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For an empty vegetable can and a couple of canning jars, I crocheted a cover and a couple of jar-toppers.

jar toppers can cover

A cute little holder to keep pencils, crochet hooks, paint brushes, etc.

crochet can cover

Embellishing the front of the can with a flower, some leaves and a little button, I think, makes it more fun.

can cover

Rather than keep buttons in a plain canning jar, I made floral toppers.

jar topper floral

floral jar topper

Just something pretty to liven up an otherwise dull existence.

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  1. Liz that is super cute! I love it. I fixed my settings back. I had to change them because of spammers but I did have it set to open ID so not sure why it did not come up. So I put it back the way it was. Have a great weekend and thanks for letting me know! Hugs


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