Little Crochet Drawstring Bags

Three months ago I crochet two little drawstring bags using  cotton thread I had leftover from the dish cloths I crocheted.  I had both Peaches and Cream or Sugar and Cream cotton thread on hand.

little drawstring bag

This one measures 6 ½” x 4½”

little drawstring bag


This one measures 4″ x 3″.

Start with a crocheted oval in sc (any size you wish) then crochet evenly in rounds until desired length before adding open mesh.  Picot stitch around the top.  Chain desired length for strings-make 2.   Add an embellishment.

That’s it!

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Avoids insanity by crocheting and doing arts and crafts!
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5 Responses to Little Crochet Drawstring Bags

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  3. rani-amanda says:

    I love it so much. I made two for myself. Will post it soon. Thank you so much for inspiring me.


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  5. Those are so cute! you are always coming up with adorable things. I just made one of those frilly ruffle crochet scarfs. Sashay Yarn. Interesting yarn. I didn’t understand the directions or yarn had to watch a video. Thank Goodness for video’s! Have a great day.


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